Welcome to the web site of the Sustainable Energy Transitions (SET) group, which is part of the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), and is led by Dr. Dharik Mallapragada

Update: The SET group will be moving to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at New York University (NYU) Tandon School of Engineering starting Jan 1, 2024. For updates about the SET group after January 1, 2024, please visit the new webpage: https://wp.nyu.edu/mallapragada/

If you are interested in postdoctoral research opportunities with the group, please email Dr. Mallapragada (dm6004@nyu.edu) with your CV and a brief (2-3 sentences) description of your research interests as it pertains to the SET group.

Expanding energy access while decarbonizing the global energy system by mid-century to mitigate climate change is contingent on innovations in technology pathways, system design, and policy.

The SET group is interested in the development and application of advanced decision support tools for achieving a sustainable and equitable global energy transition. The group’s research aims to create the knowledge and analytical tools necessary to support accelerated energy transitions in developed economies like the U.S. as well as emerging market and developing economy countries in the global south that are central to global climate mitigation efforts.

Recent topics of interest to the group include:

  • Synthesizing and analyzing low-carbon pathways for difficult-to-decarbonize sectors like industry and heavy-duty transport, both of which are anticipated to see substantial growth in the coming decades, 
  • Long-term resource planning and market design to support deep decarbonization of the power sector with high service reliability and cost-effectiveness that promotes electrification of various end-uses
  • Pathways for accelerating the energy transition with reduced life cycle environmental and socio-economic impacts considering climate change impacts and technological evolution.


The members of SET group are expected to take full responsibility to complete their research project, honestly and judiciously, collaborate professionally with other group members and be invested in their own as well as other group members’ success.