Design, Analysis and Optimization of Low-carbon Technologies

In a recent report, the International Energy Agency emphasized that technological advances for decarbonizing energy services in buildings, transport, and heavy industry are critical for reaching net-zero carbon emissions by mid-century. Inspired by this need, the sustainable energy transistions (SET) group is interested in technology conceptualization, analysis and optimization for serving a range of final energy uses in a low-carbon and cost-effective manner.

Carbon-efficient biofuel processes

Relevant Past Projects

Relevant Ongoing Projects (as of June 2022)

  • Center for Decarbonizing Chemical Manufacturing Using Sustainable Electrification
  • Atoms-to-enterprise analysis for decarbonization of chemical manufacturing – case study of ethylene
  • Comparative Analysis of Electricity Generation using Co-firing of Ammonia with reduced fossil fuels, versus Other Low Carbon Generation Types
  • Systematic assessment of nuclear-based integrated electricity and H2 production under low-carbon scenarios in the U.S. context

Select Publications

  • Bose, A., Lazouski, N., Gala, M.L., Manthiram, K., and Mallapragada, D.S. 2022. Spatial Variation in Cost of Electricity-Driven Continuous Ammonia Production in the United States. ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng. (link)
  • Isaacs, S.A., Staples, M.D., Allroggen, F., Mallapragada, D.S., Falter, C.P. and Barrett, S.R., 2021. Environmental and Economic Performance of Hybrid Power-to-Liquid and Biomass-to-Liquid Fuel Production in the United States. Environmental Science & Technology. 55(12), 8247-8257. (link
  • Gençer, E., Mallapragada, D.S., Maréchal, F., Tawarmalani, M. and Agrawal, R., 2015. Round-the-clock power supply and a sustainable economy via synergistic integration of solar thermal power and hydrogen processes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112(52), pp.15821-15826. (link
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